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Pentru comenzi facute pana in ora 16:00 (ora Romaniei) livram in aceeasi zi. Data urmatoare disponibila pentru livrare este: 14.04.2021.
E4-4822 The Simply Enchanting™ Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED
Handtied Bouquet
C13-5036 The FTD® Pink Dream™ Bouquet
Bouquet of seasonal cut flowers
Planted Bowl
D2-5189 The FTD® Birthday Cheer™ Bouquet
D9-4910 FTD® Sunshine Daydream™ Bouquet
B19-4387 The FTD® True Romance™ Rose Bouquet
Blooming Bounty Bouquet - Basket included
S31-4509 The FTD® Loving Sympathy™ Basket
E2-4305 The Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED
D4-5199 The FTD® All For You™ Bouquet
Forever Dear
C17-5187 The FTD® Shades of Purple™ Bouquet
C22-5181 The FTD® Blooming Embrace™ Bouquet
C23-4454 The FTD® Peace e Serenity™ Dishgarden
C3-5153 The FTD® Nature's Bounty™ Bouquet
Thoughtful Gesture
D7-4906 The Girl Power™ Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED
Funeral Sympathy Bouquet
12 roses medium stemmed
Arrangement of Plants
D5-5202 The FTD® Bright Days Ahead™ Bouquet
S4-4443 The FTD® Light in Your Honor™ Bouquet
Basket arrangement of flowers
C27-4527 The FTD® Loving Light™ Dishgarden
C6-5242 FTD® Bright e Beautiful™ Bouquet
E8-4304 The Long Stem Pink Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED
E2-5240 The FTD® Lush Life™ Rose Bouquet
E8-4812 The White Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED
Spirited Grace Lily
Funeral Sympathy Bouquet with ribbon
12 roses long stemmed
Boys Are Best! - Basket Included
E6-4821 The Pure Enchantment™ Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED
E8-5235 The FTD® Blazing Beauty™ Rose Bouquet
White Orchid Planter
Garden Paradise Basket
Bright Spark Rose
Blooming Masterpiece
Funeral spray arrangement
S22-4485 The FTD® Beautiful Spirit™ Arrangement
Funeral spray arrangement with ribbon
Broken Heart
Wreath with ribbon
S3-4442 The FTD® Treasured Tribute™ Wreath
S8-4451 The FTD® Resurrection™ Casket Spray
Dearly Departed Casket Spray
S37-4522 The FTD® Blessings of the Earth™ Easel
S38-4217 The FTD® Ring of Friendship™ Wreath
S2-4437 The FTD® Blanket of Flowers™
S5-4446 The FTD® Peaceful Memories™ Casket Spray
S16-4471 The FTD® Sincerity™ Casket Spray